• Main Group Chemistry and Molecular Magnetism

Post Doctoral Students

Name: Dr. Ankush Mishra
Email: ankushmishra30@gmail.com
Research Area: Stereochemistry, Organic Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Organic Corrosion Inhibitor, Coordination chemistry.
Expertise in: Synthesis and structural characterization about N-O bond using magnetically asymmetrical cage moieties with the help of NMR Spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography. Metal and metal-free green organic synthesis. Also performed collaborative work in the synthesis of organic corrosion inhibitor. I have expertised in handling instruments like Bruker Avance 500 MHz NMR, FTIR, MAS-II microwave synthesizer, Sonics Vibra Cell Ultrasonic Processor Model VCX750.
My views on Science: To explain my view on science the best quote I found is given by Rosalind Franklin, “Science and Everyday life cannot and should not be separated”. A chemist can contribute to our society by applying their expertise to the epidemic healthcare crisis in various ways like in designing and producing personal protective equipment’s for frontline workers, easy and cost-effective testing method, finding the ways to stop the virus and in developing a vaccine.