• Main Group Chemistry and Molecular Magnetism

Internship Visit

Internship Visit:
          Here, The purpose and details of the research visit of our group member, Mr. Sai Manoj G N V T
  • 1. Institution: NIT Calicut
    Worked with: Dr. Pattayil Parameswaran
    Period: 20/02/2019 to 18/6/2019
    Project Details: I had worked on the quantum chemical analysis of hetero bileptic ligand stabilized main group elements. I have learnt the basics of theoretical tools like energy decomposition analysis coupled with natural orbital for chemical valence (EDA-NOCV) and quantum theory of atoms in molecules (QTAIM) to analyze the nature of the chemical bond and utilized them in understanding the nature of the L-E and E-M (L= cyclic alkyl amino carbene, E = C, Si, Ge and M = Ni, Fe and Co) in hetero bileptic ligand stabilized main group elements.
  • 2. Institution: Philipps University of Marburg
    Worked with: Prof. Gernot Frenking
    Period: 4/02/2020 to 30/09/2020
    Project Details: I hadworked on the bonding analysis of ligand stabilized exotic and elusive species like C3, C2 using EDA-NOCV and other cutting-edge quantum chemical methods. I had learned advancements in the EDA-NOCV method to work on bonding analysis in paramagnetic complexes.